Continental Arena

Continental Arena Luftbild
Continental Arena Innenraum
Continental Arena Außenansicht
Continental Arena Innenraum
Continental Arena Innenraum
Continental Arena Baustellenbild
Continental Arena Luftbild

Continental Arena

An elegant roof and striking red: SSV Jahn Regensburg’s new football stadium instantly catches the eye. Situated directly adjacent to the A3 motorway, this single-tier arena is designed with four detached stands, each with 21 rows of seats. The architecture is modelled on the classic British stadium geometry, giving fans ideal proximity to the playing field. All in all, there is room for around 15,000 supporters. The open corners can be extended in future if necessary, thus adding another 3,000 to the present crowd capacity. The South Stand, with standing-only terraces for up to 5,250 home fans, is the “soul” of the stadium’s interior.

The link between the stand and the main building, whose curved shape blends in harmoniously with the façade, is particularly effective. Offices belonging to the Bavarian Football Association are also located here. The stadium lighting is another prominent feature. The floodlight “fingers” are perfectly aligned with the edges of the roof, providing an excellent glare shield for motorway drivers passing right by the ground. Apart from actually planning and building the stadium, BAM Sports was also responsible for part of the outside facilities. --> Watch the film

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