Stadion an der Gellertstraße

Stadion Chemnitz Hauptgebäude
Stadion Chemnitz Innenraum
Stadion Chemnitz Innenraum
Stadion Chemnitz Business Lounge

Stadion an der Gellertstraße

Good timing was called for: BAM Sports was appointed general contractor for the reconstruction work on Chemnitz football stadium, which no longer met the standards for a modern ground. The need to build the new stadium mid-way through the season was a particularly daunting challenge that has developed into a core competency of BAM Sports. The old stands were demolished and re-erected one at a time, so that a minimum capacity of 10,000 was guaranteed throughout the project. When completed, Chemnitzer FC’s new home will be able to accommodate a crowd of over 15,000. The corners were glazed in order to mitigate the noise level experienced by local residents as far as possible.

One particularly conspicuous detail of this project is the façade of the new main building, which is surrounded by a blue metal band. Reminiscent of a football scarf draped casually around the shell, this band leaves no one in any doubt about who rules the roost here – Chemnitzer FC, the “Sky Blues”. At long last, the new stadium also has an exclusive business area with 800 seats and 12 boxes. At the same time, great care was taken to preserve a small piece of Chemnitz football stadium’s history: the old floodlight masts, raised around 23 feet, help recall the club’s former glory.

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